Monday, January 31, 2011

~~Doing some stitching~~

I've been taking breaks in my house cleaning by taking the time to do some sewing..
I've been wanting to make some pillows for on my chairs and bed so in the evenings I dig out my
stitching while watching TV. I stitched them on ornsburg then tea dyed them for a aged look.

These aren't completely finished..I have to add some sort of backing to them..I don't know if I want to do just ornsburg or homespun..

These are stitching patterns from Create and Decorate magazine...

Primitive...done in black thread.
Bless all things primitive..done in burgundy  thread.
Hip pity Hop pity...Easters on its way..done in brown thread...

 Hip pity Hop pity..Easters on its way done with brown thread for the bunny and burgundy for the verse.
and The Lord is my Shepard..I shall not want..Psalms:23
done by Emma in 1784
done in black thread for the verse and white for the sheep...I think I am going to go over the sheep with black thread so it stands out more..Its blending in to much with the dyed ornsburg.
Thanks everyone for stopping by...and for the wonderful comments...
Take care and be safe where ever you are...
Prim hugs,


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

They are so cute!
keep warm & safe with the Winter Storm coming!

Primsue said...

Trena, these are awesome - you did a great job! I was thinking homespun on the back would be good because you could flip them over for a different look if you wanted to.