Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa..Cranberries and Orange Slices...

Happy Tuesday everyone..
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving..I hosted the Thanksgiving meal which was
enjoyed by all including our two new additions..Black Lab puppies Bella and Rylee.
They have been recking havoc to our home, with two of them it's something to
get used to....Never a dull moment with them two..I've been trying to
get some good pictures of them but they won't set still long enough..
But I'll keep trying..

Its been gorgeous weather here since last Friday and that
gave me the opportunity to get outside in between potty time for the girls and get my Christmas
Decorating done..
I gathered my greens from the Pine Trees and picked up Pine
Cones with sap on them which resulted in sticky fingers..
There's nothing like trying to turn the door knob when your
fingers are all sticky and stuck together...Not good .

I haven't cut my Winter berries yet to add to the decor, hopefully I can get that done within
the next day or so...These our a few pictures of the Summer Kitchen without
the berries..Just something simple...

Thanks for stopping for a visit..
I'll be posting more Christmas pictures in
the up coming days so come back when
you get time..
Have a wonderful evening..
Prim hugs,

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope your Thanksgiving Day
is a gathering of love and joy
a special time of feeling
richly blessed, abundantly happy and
deeply thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Prim hugs,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not even half of it..

I know I'm not the only one that gets out there Christmas decor and can't believe just how
much of it I've accumulated over the years...
I thought I done good last year by giving away allot of things that I didn't use but by the
looks of things I still need to sort through and give away..This isn't even all of it..That's not good.
I did buy a few more Old World Santa's over the Summer but other
than that I didn't add to much to my Christmas decor.

Old World Santa's..Christmas trees and garland out ready to be
placed for the holiday season..

I'm running behind this year..this stuff should have been already in its place and
ready for the holiday season...I've had to many things going on and just didn't
have the time to get an early start on my Christmas decorating..
So hopefully within the next couple of days this table will be bare.

Thank you all for stopping in for a visit..
Come back when time permits..

Prim hugs,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Starting of the Christmas decorating..

Hello everyone.
I hope all is well and your all getting into the holiday spirit.
Thanksgiving is 10 days away and Christmas will be here before we know it.
The weather has been warm here the past week so I thought I would get a
jump on some of the outside decorating.
I gathered greens from the pine and cedar trees on our property and filled my
door boxes along with ornamental grasses.
All I need know is my Winter berries and the door boxes will be done.

This is the Sunroom Door...

This is the Front Door..

Thanks for stopping in for a visit.
I hope you enjoyed the starting of my Christmas decorating.
Have a great day and take care.
Prim hugs,