Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy day in Pa.

It's Monday again...hope everyone had a great weekend...It was beautiful weather here in Pa. all weekend long..temperature was in the 70's....

I painted my entertainment center today to go with the new and improved family room downstairs.....With the Umber walls now done the entertainment center stuck out like a sore thumb so I just painted it black in certain areas....Not all over....

I washed my windows and mini blinds and put my Country House curtains back up....It's amazing how dirty those windows get over the winter........I painted my Corner Hutch black w/cream shelves and put it in the front corner of the family room.....

While my paint was drying I worked on some stitchery that I had already done....Putting them in some black frames.....I still haven't decided where I want to put them yet....but believe you me I will find a place.

Here's another one that I had done.

Until next time....Blessings...Trena


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