Monday, January 27, 2014

Tweaking in the Summer Kitchen..

With it being so bitterly cold outside I've been doing some Spring Cleaning
downstairs in our Summer Kitchen.
I just bought three pair of the Tobacco Cloth Curtains for my
windows in the Family room, put them up and didn't like how they
looked so I took them back down and decided to hang them over
the shelves in the kitchen.
I painted my cupboards an Antique White over a year ago to lighten
up the kitchen after we laid down hardwood floors..It made
a big difference in the appearance of the whole kitchen and I am
really pleased with how it all came together.
I removed the crocks and put my yellow ware on these shelves and
placed all my crocks with my rolling pins with my old cutting boards across
the counter.
I'm liking the look so far for this side of my counters.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit.
Prim hugs,


Farmhouse prims said...

Love your kitchen, the tobacco curtains look great, I just love your yellowware collection, hugs, Lecia

Primitive Stars said...

Oh prim perfect!!! love all of it, Blessings Francine.

Prims By The Water said...

Looks awesome! I love how the tobacco cloth looks. Janice

Julie said...

I love the curtains. I found a little shop nearby that sells them, but the price was a bit too much for me. Instead I found some similar fabric at Joanne Fabrics and I'm going to dye it in my favorite prim mixture, dry them and hopefully they will be the perfect substitution.