Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~Pfaltzgraff Dishes~

Hello everyone...I hope your all enjoying this Spring Thyme weather we are having..
It's been fairly warm here...not warm enough for me yet but its getting there..
The sunshine and the warm weather has given me an extra boost to get my cleaning done..
I decided to tackle painting one of our guest bedrooms and already started cleaning it out..
It's very seldom used but I still keep it set up for company..

I also forget to share some pictures of my Pfaltzgraff dishes that I purchased at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago..
This is the set that I have and use daily..
And these are the ones I recently purchased..
Six saucers and six cups..all for &1.00 a piece..

I couldn't pass up this bargain..for only $12.00 they came home with me..

So I need to get my butt off this computer and get downstairs and get started on my guest bedroom...
Everyone have a wonderful day..Thanks for stopping by for a visit and come back when you all get time..
Prim hugs,


Angela said...

Love the dishes. You got a good deal on the cups and saucers. Can't wait to see the guest room. Please share picutres when finished. Have a great day.

Anne said...

My hubby just got me a set of the same ones for valentines day..oldies but i love them!
God bless,

adsgram said...

That's my dinnerware as well...what great taste (we) have, huh?


Becki said...

Hey - this is the set that my mom bought me when I married in 79. I still have them, although I don't use them that much!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

they are very popular dishes these days. seems everybody is collecting them. I see them occasionally at Goodwill but I collect Fire King and Fiestaware so I just pass them by.But a dollar per piece does seem to be a great deal!