Saturday, March 12, 2011

~Colonial prints...Master Bedroom~

Happy Saturday everyone...
I hope all is well and your outside enjoying this beautiful sunshine...
Its a gorgeous day here today..alittle cool but the sun is shinning bright so that's all that matters..

Before I go any further we all need to keep Japan in our thoughts and prayers after that horrendous earthquake hit...When I see the pictures that's all over the news channels...its just takes my breath away..its so devastating...
We can be so thank full that this kind of disaster hasn't happened in the United States ..I went to bed last night thanking the good lord for sparing our country and keeping my loved ones safe..

I've been working on allot of my projects in the garage since the weather is alittle warmer..
We don't have heat in  there so not allot gets done over the winter months..
My shelf with all my projects on is dwindling down so I guess that's a good sign that things are getting accomplished..

I wanted to share a couple of  pictures of my Colonial prints that I hung in my Master Bedroom ..
I had to frame the both of them which meant doing a couple of frames over..
So with that said enjoy the pictures of my Colonial prints...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit..
Come back when you can...
Have a great weekend everybody..
Prim hugs,


~Judy~ said...

Love these. They turned out well!

Angela said...

Love the prints and your bedroom. Enjoy the pretty weather. Have a good weekend.

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...


At Home With Amy said...

I love the print with the children. I have looked for reproduction prints similar to this but they are so hard to find.