Saturday, September 18, 2010

~~Colonial wooden box~~

I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall Saturday...its gorgeous here today.
With the nice weather we've been having I have been able to get allot of my wooden projects painted and stained while setting outside in the warm beautiful sun..
One thing I have been wanting to make for quite sometime is a Colonial wooden box that you see allot on front doors hanging with vast amount of flowers...I first seen it on Linda's  blog... last Christmas and I've been wanting to make one ever since......AND TODAY WAS THE DAY I FINISHED MY COLONIAL BOX...ADDED MY ARTIFICIAL AND REAL FOLIAGE AND HUNG IT ON MY FRONT DOOR..

I'm so pleased on how it turned out..only because its the first one I have ever made...It has some dents and dings in it but that's what makes it more pleasing to the eye....I'm not a master carpenter by any means but I can hold my own with hubby's power tools....
I painted it flat black...sanded it down and then added a heavy coat of minwax, walnut stain to it...It's going to stay black for now but I'm thinking closer Christmas it might have another color applied to it...I can see it now with allot of pine..winter berries and pine cones in it...You'll  all have to come back at Christmas time just to see what color it will be just never know..
Speaking of Christmas I did do some Christmas shopping yesterday for my son...Some of the things he was wanting was on sale so I went and bought a few things and marked them off my list...Its never to early to start shopping....
So that's pretty much all for now...I'm done rambling on...I hope I didn't bore anyone...Your all welcome to come back anytime...thanks for stopping in and everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend..
Until next time..
Prim hugs,


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Trena,

Love your autumn decor on your door ! Gorgeous !

Where is the covered bridge that is pictured on your sidebar ? It looks familiar.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

What a beautiful welcome to your beautiful home!
I got really lucky and won my wood box from Carol at Firecrackerkid. They are the neatest things.

Primsue said...

You did an awesome job on your wooden box. I love the color and the display - it looks great on your front door.

Autumn Blessings,