Sunday, August 28, 2011

Autumn Thyme in the past.

I thought I would share a few photos
of Autumn Thyme over the years at the Olde Homestead..

For all of those that are in the path of Irene,please stay
safe and take care..We were fortunate here in Central Pa..only
heavy rain at times and some wind..
Thanks for stopping in for a visit..Come back when
time allows.

Prim hugs,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Early Birthday Present

I wanted to share a special gift that my son has bought me
for my birthday...Its a couple weeks away but he surprised me
with this last weekend...He knew I have been wanting one and it
was a good price so my loving son gave me the money and we
went and picked it up....

I chose a unfinished one which saved $100.00 and refinished it
myself...It came with or without the tin panels and I chose with..
I already had a gallon of Valspar..flat black so I took out the tin inserts
and gave it two coats of flat black leaving it dry overnight in between coats..
I then sanded down the edges and applied two coats of Minwax, Dark Walnut

Here's what it looked like when we brought it home..

I'm pleased with the outcome and saved my son a $100.00 in the process by
refinishing it myself..

I leave you with a few photo's of the prim display I placed on  top and on the shelf that came from
my grandparents farmhouse..

Thank for stopping in for a visit..
Have a great weekend and
Take care and be safe...
Prim hugs,

Friday, August 5, 2011

A New Addition....

To the family that is...

Meet Maddy...

She's an Austrian Shepard/Cattle dog.
A very loving little girl that needed a good home..She was rescued from off the streets two months
ago after not having anyone to take care of her for over a year..
Another sad story from what this little girl had to go Thur to survive..

After Kristin and Travis lost there beloved Layla they decided to go
back to the shelter where they adopted Layla and pick out a new little
girl that needed a good home where she would be loved unconditionally ...

Travis is deployed oversees so Maddy hasn't gotten so see
her new daddy yet but she listens to his voice everyday when he calls
home...She settling in and getting adjusted to her new home and loves to
play with the Frisbee...She'll give you her paw everytime she sits down..As
you can see in the picture she was impressing her new mom when the ladies from
the shelter brought her...

It's been a week today that Maddy came to live with her new
mom and dad and she's adjusting really well...
Life goes on even though were throwed a curve every now and then...
These precious animals needs to be cared
 for and loved as much
as human beings do...

Take the time to out of your busy life to appreciate just what you have..
Live for today because tomorrow is not a guarantee...

Have a great weekend everyone..
Thanks for stopping by for a visit and come back when you get time out of your busy schedules..

Prim hugs,